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Harper’s Island quick recap

April 10, 2009

5371900I have been really excited to watch Harper’s Island for several months now.  Being a fan of the horror genre I have made a vow to support this show no matter what.  The premise is that a wedding party is gathered on Harpers Island (which we learn is about 37 miles from Seattle) and guests are murdered, one by one, for thirteen episodes.   CBS has really put itself out on a limb by airing this program.  It has a 13 episode run and at the end they are supposed to reveal the killer. I think this gives the show a unique freedom to be aggressive without worrying too much about alienating future audience members.

The intro was promising.  We were told  in the prologue that 7 years ago several people were murdered on the island.  Cut to attractive 20-something wedding party on a boat, getting ready to travel to Harper’s Island for a week of wedding festivities. When one guest cannot be reached on his cell phone, the camera leads us under the water, where someone is strapped to the belly of the boat, breathing from a scuba tank. When the boat engine starts, he is sucked into the boat’s propeller blade and presumably dies.  The boat leaves a trail of frothy red foam.

Main character Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) apparently is revisiting the island for the first time in years.  The prologue also revealed  that her mother was killed in the murders. Abby is the childhood friend of the groom Henry (Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty).  There is a rather extensive cast, with the bride-to-be played by Katie Cassidy and Harry Hamlin showing up as Henry’s Uncle Marty.

The rest of the episode slowly introduces the characters.  There is a little girl named Madison who would hands down beat Danny from The Shining for creepiest kid ever.  I liked the cast, but I felt like Chloe’s boyfriend (named Cal, for chrissakes) was really wimpy and seemed an odd match for Chloe, who seems to be the resident sexpot.

One of the advanatages of the show being run out in 13 episodes is that it can create suspense by leading you to believe that every single character could be a suspect.  Therefore, it sets up many characters with obvious dysfunctional properties (crazy brother with skull tattoo on his back–he must be a sociopath!)

The episode ended on an impressively gruesome note for a television show.  I won’t reveal spoilers.  I am looking forward to next week. If you missed the show and wish to watch it on your computer, here is the CBS link.

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