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Madonna fumbles the ball on adoption

April 9, 2009

captphoto_1238928197066-1-02Dear Madonna

Apparently you were shocked when you were denied the right to adopt the little girl you had your eye on in Malawi last week.  You’ve probably run every scenario through your head, wondering what you could have done differently. Might I humbly suggest…I don’t know (this is zany) dressing like a responsible fucking adult?  When you were packing your suitcase for your big day, did you think to yourself, “my god, this outfit embodies all that I wish to convey to the adoption officials.”  Sadly, it probably did.  

To me, this was just a big FU to the whole adoption process.  You believed you had the whole thing wrapped up in a pretty bow.  How else to explain an utter lack of respect for the whole series of events?  Did you really think wearing bad ass combat boots with army fatigues was a smart move?  You looked like the illegitimate child of a Hot Topic sales clerk and a South American mercenary.   I have some friends who recently adopted.  They waited 3 years from the time they turned in their application until they actually got to adopt their daughter.  When they finally got the call and were packing  their suitcases I’m sure my friend longed to pack her fatigues and combat boots.  Somehow she was able to resist this urge and instead packed presentable clothing (she also came back with a baby, incidentally.)

I’m far from casting stones at your choice of  clothing under normal circumstances.   I  myself plan to let my freak flag fly well into my 70′s.  I will be perusing the Juniors departments until you have to pry the attached security devices from my cold dead fingers.  However, I know when it is time to throw on a nice suit or skirt, even if I don’t like it.

Its called a sense of decorum, and you madam, do not possess one.

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One Response to “ Madonna fumbles the ball on adoption ”

  1. pancake on April 9, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Say what you will about Angelina, but she never shows up to adopt dressed like this asshat