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Jane Lynch: Scene Stealer

April 3, 2009

photo still with Steve Carell from 40 Year Old Virgin

Jane Lynch is probably one of the funniest actresses alive that is not a household name. I have not seen every single movie she has been in, but every time I see her in a movie, she delivers one of my favorite scenes in that movie. When I recently  watched Role Models, this is the scene that my husband and I rewound.  In 40 Year Old virgin, how could you not laugh at this? She has a really unique talent for subtle humor because she deadpans the delivery of absurd monologue.  The reason it is funny is because she can keep such a matter-of-fact demeanor, so you always buy into the fact that her characters believe their own bullshit.  I hope she continues to build upon momentum she has been building and gets some meatier roles.  Fox has an upcoming tv show called Glee with Jane as a cast member.  It looks intriguing, and I will tune in to see her performance.  See a preview here.

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