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There will be vodka.

March 27, 2009

With the ever expanding cavalcade of bad news bearing down on me like the four horses of the apocalypse I have found myself reverting to full hermit mode as a defense mechanism. For many of the last few months I have cowered under my alternative down comforter nursing a cocktail and sucking my thumb, wishing for the carefree days of just a few years ago. Every time I turned on the news, I shuddered. I became withdrawn, agitated, fearful and hopeless. I also became over informed.

My husband used to “tsk tsk” frivolous internet surfing. “You waste so much time on that computer” he would sadly say, and bow his head in shame at a wife who had succumbed to the allure of the glittery world of gossip and celebrity worship.

Then I got sucked into the 24-hour news cycle. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I fretted. I didn’t talk to friends. I talked about the economy every chance I got. I watched the election coverage ad nauseam. I watched the stock quotes plummet every day. 3pm would come and I would take a deep breath, push the stock button on my phone and proceed to absolutely fall into despair. Every day. A few months later, after coming home to the same hand wringing, hysterical wife one too many times he begged me “look away from the news, for the love of god woman LOOK AWAY!!”

You know what, I have and I am not going back. I found solace in movies and pop culture. That’s what this blog is about. There is not enough lighthearted fodder in the world right now. I’m embracing my love of all that is shallow, and you should too. I’m keeping it light and frothy. There will be no politics, but there will be cocktails…. and benadryl…and Nyquil. If you’re really lucky on a given night I will find the perfect combination of the aforementioned and produce something that will make you laugh.



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