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Movie Shout Out: “I Love You Man”

March 27, 2009

i_love_you_manI originally wanted to make this a movie-centric blog, but seeing as I don’t live on the east or west coast that is probably not a realistic idea. I will, however, give movies I’ve seen a shout out, and I see a lot. To avoid going to movie rehab I came clean as an addict and told my husband I would start writing about them.  This is my clever attempt to watch movies “for my job”. Last weekend my husband and I went to go see I love you man.  I loved it.  I must preface this posting by stating that I bring extreme personal prejudice to the table.  Paul Rudd is from Kansas City.  I am from Kansas City. Paul Rudd is the Crown Jewel of Kansas City, and criticizing him in any way is like committing blasphemy round these parts. I was shilling beer at a local brewery back when Paul got his big break in Clueless (1995). My manager at the time (James Westphal) had been a college friend of Paul’s, so the brewery was abuzz at Paul’s first big role.  Years later when I saw the great comedy Anchorman I nearly choked on my popcorn when Paul Rudd’s character nonchalantly named one of his testicles “James Westphal”, a little inside joke for  his old friend.  Also, Paul is just such a damn nice guy. His family are some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I truly believe Paul is one of the last decent guys left in hollywood.  I have never read one bad thing about him, ever.  So yes, I watch his movies with rose colored glasses, but I found this movie very enjoyable and funny.  Jaime Pressly and Jon Favreau  are hysterical as a bickering couple.  They easily deserve a spin-off sequel.


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